Welcome to Room 13 for 2023!

We are a class of 29 yr 5 & 6 students and we are all excited to be starting our learning journey together this year. Keep on checking in to see what we are up to. Our teacher Mrs. Sybrandy is also the DP so she teaches us Monday - Thursday and we have Mr. Simpson who teaches us on a Friday.

Term 3 Happenings

Term 3 has started with a bang. We celebrated Matariki/Puanga with a breakfast in Room 13. We invited whanau and had a nice time together. (Photos below)

In maths this term we are completing our division unit, learning about fractions and ratios and measurement.

We are also learning about our body and the function of some body systems.

We have been involved in winter sport, are continuing with Active living sessions and are beginning to train for cross country.

Term 2:

Here we are busy learning about repeating and growing patterns in math

Day 1 of Term 2 we were busy silent reading when we felt the room shake. Without being told we all quickly got under our tables. All those earthquake drills paid off!

Term 1 action:

We were the first class up for leading assembly - we did a great job!

Our first math topic was "All about Me" which involved lots of measurement.