Welcome to Room 9,  2023

We are a wonderful class of new entrant children. 

Mrs Soothill is our teacher.

In Room 9 we have a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. 

We are use the Better Start Literacy Approach to develop our phonological awareness and literacy skills. We have a weekly focus on a high quality New Zealand picture book to develop our vocabulary skills. 

Term 2 2023 looks to be an action packed term full of learning and settling into school routines. 

We look forward to welcoming children who are new to school over the term.

So much fun at CRAZY HAIR DAY!

Learning Links

A reading game where your monster learns letters, sounds and words. Progress through the stages. This game is free online or available for purchase as an app for devices.

These are the resources we have been using in the classroom in our literacy prorgramme.

Here are some downloadable resources you might find useful. Check out the character cards and handwriting sheets.

Heart words

You can make these into snap cards, a memory game or bingo boards. 

Learn to read and write these words.

These stories can be listened to or printed and shared with your children. This links you to the early childhood section which are perfect for children who have only just begun their schooling and beginning to learn some letter sounds. Each book has a focus letter. Discuss other things that start with the same letter and try writing the letter as well.

These are readers for your child to read and decode. Best for children who have some knowledge of their letter sounds. You can either read online or print these out. Have a go at the non narrated story sounding out each part of the word i.e. c-a-t cat. There are helpful teaching notes for more information.