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Room 5 2023

My name is Mrs Elgar and I am the teacher in Room 5. We are a lovely bunch of year 1 children who love learning about the world around us. You can check out all of the exciting things we have been doing below.

Term 3 2023

We have started Term 3 with a hiss and a ROAR!

Take a look at our fantastic art.

Term 2 2023

Welcome to  Term 2!   We are very excited to be back for another busy term. This term our focus for maths is add/sub and patterns and our ROAR sessions is all about friendships. This term we will be focussing on active living.

This term we made some Anzac biscuits and we made some fizzy paint.  The Anzac biscuits tasted yummy.  To make the fizzy paint we used baking soda, vinegar and food colouring.  The baking soda and vinegar bubbled when they were added together.  It made a fizzing sound.

This term we have been busy learning about patterns in maths and have just begun learning about farming.  We have made milkshakes and hamburgers. Jumping June was on this term as well and the children enjoyed practicing their skipping.

Term 1 2023


This week we have begun our swimming lessons.  We are all very confident in the pool. We have been playing games, floating on our tummies and backs with the noodles and seeing all the thigs we are able to do in the swimming pool.

We made some yummy pancakes after we had read the story A batch of pancakes.  They tasted very yummy.  We put jam or maple syrup on them.

 Room 5 2022

Welcome to Term 2 2022! 
My name is Mrs Radford and I am the teacher of 20 delightful Year 1 students. 

We have a busy term ahead of us so please feel free to check in later to see what we get up throughout the year. 

TERM 1 2022

We have had a busy term already. During the term we have been busy swimming and learning the routines. The  children have been floating on their tummies with and without a flutter board. They are enjoying the new pool with it been nice and warm.  In writing we made some popcorn and blew bubbles.  Wheels day was a great hit with the children where they enjoyed riding their scooters and bike on the court.

Term 2 2022

Welcome to  Term 2!   We are very excited to be back for another busy term. This term our focus for maths is fractions and our ROAR sessions is all about learning the zones of regulations. Technology is our focus for this terms inquiry. For this we are looking into toys - the history of toys, what toys are made of and we will make our own toys. 

Better start literacy stories

These stories can be listened to or printed and shared with your children. This links you to the early childhood section which are perfect for children who have only just begun their schooling and beginning to learn some letter sounds. Each book has a focus letter. Discuss other things that start with the same letter and try writing the letter as well. 

Click on the link below to go to the better start reading page.

Better start books 

Better start literacy readers

These are readers for your child to read and decode. Best for children who have some knowledge of their letter sounds. You can either read online or print these out. Have a go at the non narrated story sounding out each part of the word i.e. c-a-t cat. There are helpful teaching notes for more information. 

Click on the link below to go to the better start reading page.

Better start readers 

Term 3


Welcome to Term 3.  This term we are busy training for cross country, learning about shapes in maths and our topic is all about the living world. We have been learning about dinosaurs over the last few weeks. The different types of dinosaurs, where they lived, what they eat and fossils. OnFriday we had a fun dinosaur day where we played with toy dinosaurs, read books, made skeltons and did some art.  The children had a great day.

Term 3 2021

Welcome  Term 3!  We have another busy term ahead of us.  Over the holidays our classroom had the final touches completed with new carpet and lino laid.  We will be getting ourselves fit and ready for our upcoming school cross country and learning a dance for It's not a production. Our focus is on writing and we will begin a new literacy programme.  Hope you will take the time to check back in later.

Term 2 2021

Welcome to Term 2.  Over the holidays our classroom had a makeover with new coloured walls installed, new ceiling and lights.   This term we are learning about fractions where we have learnt about halves and quarters.  We made some fraction flowers and fraction monsters.  Ready to Roar has began again where we are buddy's with Room 10. We have been learning about feeling safe around school and our worries.  We were very lucky to Brett Fairweather from Jump Jam come to school in Week 1 and teach us some cool moves.  We enjoy doing jump jam every morning. Our topic focus is learning about the history of New Zealand where we will learn about kumara, timber trade and flax making.

To end the Term we had a Firewoman and an ambulance driver come visit us at school.  We learnt about how to keep safe when we find matches or a lighter.  We were allowed to try on some of the clothing that they wear to keep themselves safe.  The ambulance driver brought an ambulance to school where we saw what was inside the ambulance.  We could see how Layla's heart beats on the screen and Benny had a ride on the stretcher.

Term 1 2021

We have a great start to the term.  Our maths focus is Statistics where we have been collecting data about ourselves and displaying the data in the form of pictographs. Our swimming is off to a great start where we are learning to gain confidence in the water.  We have learnt how to put our heads under the water and the correct techniques for floating our fronts. During our first few weeks we have been exploring and playing together in class.


This term in swimming we have all become more confident.  We can all put our heads under the water and let go of the bars.  During swimming we have learnt to float on our tummies and backs. Our parents came to watch us during our swimming demonstration.

Feeding The Chickens.

Last week we feed the chickens for the whole week.  Each day we gave them the scraps from the staffroom, 2 cups of pellets and made sure they had fresh water.  Most days the chickens had lay some eggs.  We enjoyed feeding the chickens and we did some fantastic writing about feeding them.  Check out some of our writing below.

ST Johns Visit

This term we had Justin from the St John's ambulance come to talk to us about what we need to do if we ned an ambulance.  We learnt what number to call and practiced calling for an ambulance.  Justin showed us the breathing gas that he gives to people to help them breath.