Room 8


My name is Mrs Bird and I am the teacher in Room 8 with a fantastic class of Year 2 children.

Here are our super Room 8 Learners.  

We can't wait to get to know each other and have fun learning together in 2023.  Let the  adventures begin!

Term 3

This term we will be learning all about our five senses.

In maths we will be continuing our work on multiplication and division and we will also explore measurement and fractions.

Healthy active living and our Zones of Regulation Lessons will also continue this term as well as preparation for our cross country this term. 

Term 2

This term we will continue to have a strong literacy focus where structured literacy is a big part of our morning learning.   We are also learning to record our ideas for others to share in writing and we are working hard on making these interesting for others by adding in wow words (describing words).

In maths we continue our work on adding and subtracting and finding out all about numbers and how they can be broken up and then put back together.  We will also explore patterns...those that we see around us as well as the patterns we can see in numbers, 3D shapes and how to solve maths problems.

During our Healthy Active living time we will be focusing on how we relate and communicate with others while we have fun and play games together.

We will also continue on with our Zones of Regulation lessons where we are exploring our feelings, what these look like and how our feelings change throughout the day.  

Here are some photos from our learning throughout this term.  

Term 1

In Term 1 we will be busy getting to know each other and we will spend a lot of time in the pool learning how to be safe in, through and around water.  We will also have fun doing lots of art.

Swimming and Water Safety

Room 8 have been having great fun in the school pool learning all about how to stay safe in and around water.  We have been learning how to move in, under and through the water and to float on our front and back.  We have explored sculling as well as gliding, kicking and using our arms to help move us through the water.  We have learnt to float with all sorts of objects and experienced being in the water in our clothes so that we would know what to do if we fell into the water.  It has been great having Mrs Batchelor in the water to help us.