Room 2  2023

Kia ora, my name is Jill Trigg and I'm the teacher of this wonderful Year 5 & 6 class. Together we will have a busy year full of surprises and new learning as we navigate our way through 2023.

Term 1

This term we swim as much as we can, learning all of those fundamental water safety skills which will help us to save ourselves if ever we got into difficulty in a pool, river or the sea. Students will be involved in lessons at the Aquatic Centre as well as practicing what they learned in the school pool. This is them floating in a starfish shape.


Our curriculum focus this term is art. Great excitement because we love learning more about this and showcasing our awesome talents. We start the year off with learning more about street art and exploring whether this is valuable and an expression of an artists feelings ... or just a mess and a nuisance. Our pictures will tell the story.


Traditionally the busy, busy term full of lots of learning, lots of winter sport and report writing for teachers. This means that we are considering how our students fit against the bench marks set out by the Ministry of Education based on a child's achievement against their age.

Maths: the focus this term is on continuing the addition and subtraction journey which we started in term 1, and then moving into multiplication and division. The strand focus is patterns and problem solving. 

Literacy: This term we continue to learn and practice the skills that make good readers into great readers, looking particularly at visualisation as students read, using prior knowledge to make sense of the text and skills of inference to help students understand what has not been explicitly stated in a text (reading between the lines).

Writing this term will be around student based topics of interest, which include space, dinosaurs, plants and insects. 

Health and PE: Term 2 begins with a school-wide focus on the key competency of relating to others. This links very well with our Communicator Learning tickets and provides a purpose for students to think about before, during and after a game.