Room 2  2024

Kia ora koutou, ko Jill Trigg toku ingoa a ko ahau te kaiako o te Ruma 2 i tenei tau.

Greetings all, my name is Jill Trigg and I'm the teacher of Room 2 this year.

Term 2

The winter terms ... sport tournaments ... lots of learning ... assessments and reports ... and our visit to Lake Rotokare!


Maths includes the end of our additive learning (including subtraction), problem solving, patterns and the start of the multiplicative learning. 

Reading will be based around the Lake Rotokare unit and will focus mainly on non-fiction where students will read about the various pests that have invaded our shores, as well as learning more about some of our plant life (pest and native). 

Writing will link with reading and takes the form of explanation and information report writing.

Inquiry is around what we learn and find out about Lake Rotokare, the flora and fauna.

In PE we are using questioning to learn more about what makes a good team member - helpful for our team based sporting endeavours this term.

Term 1


This term we will swim as much as we can in our school pool, learning all of those fundamental water safety skills which will help us to save ourselves if ever we got into difficulty in a pool, river or the sea. Students are also taught the correct techniques of the different strokes and kicks and given lots of opportunities to practice.


Our curriculum focus this term is art. There is always great excitement because we love learning more about this and showcasing our awesome talents. We will start the year off learning more about Maori art, including what the various shapes mean, the significance of colour and how we can express ourselves through these guidelines to make the art our own. We will be studying the artist Reuben Paterson.


Reading: One hour of reading every day will see students learning about and practicing the skills and strategies needed to be come students who read to learn.

Writing: Term 1 usually has students writing about themselves and their summer holidays. 

Maths: This presents a great opportunity to learn more about measurement and dive into addition and subtraction strategies.


We will be making the most of the great summer weather to learn new games to play throughout the year, practicing the various active skills that students will be taught.


Term 1 is camp time! 18 - 20 March. More information will be given out very early in the new term.

Camp was a lot of fun!!