Room 4, 2023

Welcome to Room 4

Kia ora, my name is Mrs Ruth Hughes and I am the teacher in Room 4. 

We are a class of fun loving and inquisitive Year 2 students who are looking forward to a year of learning.

Check back soon to see all the great things we have been up to!

Term 3 2023

Welcome back to Term 3. Wow, we're already halfway through the year! Room 4 have another action packed term in front of us.

This term we will be continuing on with our school wide Maths focus. We will be starting off by using our skip counting knowledge to solve Multiplication and Division problems and then move onto Fractions.  On Fridays we will also be investigating Measurement and Statistics.

We will be continuing our Healthy Active Living focus by beginning Cross Country training in week 2. This is always so much fun!

Our Science Unit this term will be based around the Human Body, specifically our 5 senses. We look forward to learning all about sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. These senses help keep us safe and allow us to interact with the world and people around us. We will also be learning to name the main parts of our bodies in Te Reo Maori.

Term 2 2023

Welcome back to Term 2! We have another exciting and busy term planned for our tamariki.

We have a strong Math focus this term starting with continuing our work on addition and subtraction skills. We will also be beginning the term with a patterns unit at the end of each week.

In our Zones of Regulation Wellbeing Programme we will be focusing on friendships, and how to be the boss of our worried and/or scared feelings. These are wonderful skills that are vital for living a full and happy life as we continue to grow up.

This term we will also be focusing on healthy living and how to be fit and active in our everyday life.

Come back soon and see all the great things the Room 4 team have been up to!

Jumping June

We've had so much fun learning to skip and practicing for Jumping June! As a school we raised almost $3,000 for the Heart Foundation too. We ended it all with a special Jumping June day and got to take our own skipping rope home - wow!


In Term 2 we have been meeting up with the other Year 1 and 2 classes on Friday afternoons to have Discovery together. We get to explore and have fun while practicing valuable social skills at the same time. 

Science Fridays

We have been starting every Friday by getting involved in Science. We have been investigating food science as well as undertaking scientific experiments and guessing what might happen. We've had so much fun exploring and discovering new things!

Looking after the school chickens

This term we got to spend a week looking after the school chickens again. 

We learned about what they need to survive and be healthy, and also how to be respectful around them. And we also got to collect their eggs and make a yummy omelette to share. 

During art time we drew and coloured in our own chickens to display within our classroom.

Term 1

I am looking forward to welcoming you all back after a wonderful summer!

We will be focusing on relationship building, getting to know each other and learning classroom routines. 

We will be swimming 3 times a week in our lovely heated swimming pool, starting week 1. Named togs and towels are a must! We will be learning all about how to keep ourselves safe in and around water, including rivers, pools and in the ocean.

 Art will also be a curriculum focus this term as we look to explore different mediums and ways of expressing ourselves.

Swimming in the school pool

This term we have enjoyed swimming 3 times a week in our school pool. We have learned many new skills such as floating on our front and backs, diving to the bottom of the pool and gliding and sculling skills. We have all grown confident being in the water... and had lots of fun too!

Art Unit

Feeding the chickens

This term we got to feed the chickens for a week. We learned all about what chickens need to survive and how to behave around them. We also collected their eggs and got to make waffles with them at the end of the week!

Easter Writing